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Carlsbad Dentist Gary J. Braunstein

Dr. Gary J. Braunstein, DDS

A combination of 30 years as a practicing dentist in Encinitas and Carlsbad, CA along with extensive, advanced training in cosmetic dentistry has enabled Dr. Braunstein to make his patient’s dreams a reality. “My goal is to offer patients the smiles of their dreams, which can be life-changing”.  His results are stunning, and his patients are amazed at the positive effect his work has on their self-esteem. Since 1979, Dr. Braunstein has been practicing cosmetic and general dentistry in the northern San Diego coastal communities of Encinitas and Carlsbad, touching the lives of thousands of patients. Moreover through his commitment to continuing education, years of experience and implementation of innovative equipment, Dr. Braunstein is well known for his aesthetic excellence in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.  Dr. Braunstein specializes in many areas ofdental hygiene to include general cleanings, teeth whitening, root canal,wisdom teeth removal, dentures and more.


Best Dentist in Carlsbad CA
Carlsbad Dental’s Dr. Ali Shojania

Dr. Ali Shojania, DDS

After receiving his DDS degree from the University of Detroit Mercy in 2001, Dr. Shojania moved back to California where he finished his post-graduate studies at the California Implant Institute. He has a number of certifications in the field of implant dentistry as well as extensive experience in performing implants (having performed thousands of implant procedures). He has practiced in Beverly Hills, Orange County and currently has a thriving private practice in America’s finest city. In 2003, he established Extreme Smile Makeover in San Diego, where he provides advanced surgical and prosthetic phases of implant dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry.  He has since expanded his dental practice to the beautiful city of Carlsbad, CA.

Dr. Shojania offers many more services than an ordinary dentist. He performs all aspects of dentistry under one roof to inlcude basic fillings, crowns and bridges, oral surgery, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, conscious sedation, Invisalign,dentures, partials, bone graft, and much more. His perception of color variations and dental contours can transform your appearance and give you the natural smile that you’ve always been looking for. He is a well respected dentist in the community because he truly cares for the well being of his patients.

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