Carlsbad CA Dentist – A Walk Through Dentistry

by Randle Bowling on November 15, 2011

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Carlsbad CA Dentist - A Walk Through Dentistry

Carlsbad CA dentist would remind us to brush and floss our teeth daily. Remember that the greatest dilemma we had back in preschool was having a toothache. It’s a result of mindless self indulgence in sugary or sweet food with little or less inclination in brushing our teeth.  As kids, we’re high on candies and sugar, and taking care of our gums and teeth are least priorities of ours thinking that cavities and dental caries were just myths and never exists.  The word tooth decay was too imaginary, until the day when we experienced toothaches and  gum problems that make us realize that tooth decay is a serious oral health problem. Tooth decay has taught us not to be lazy in taking care of our pearly white teeth. Just as a Carlsbad CA dentist reminds us to clean and floss teeth regularly. Moreover, a Carlsbad CA dentist is always there for us to provide dental treatments like root canal pain, dental root canal and others.

Many of us dread the idea of  having a toothache or dental caries, not only it is a physical wrangle since it causes incessant pain added to the  needed trip to the Carlsbad CA dentist but it could also be a major turn off, uneasiness and bad breath. As kids, it was a challenge for us to visit a Carlsbad CA dentist. It is not that we’re scared of our tooth being pulled out but rather we’re afraid of the anesthesia being injected into our gums. Thinking about it now, gives us a funny feeling because the only motivation we have in seeing a Carlsbad CA dentist is the Ice cream we get after each visit.

Lucky for us, we are born in an era where tooth extraction is a specialty of a Carlsbad CA dentist, where studies are made about taking care of one’s teeth. Researches are done to improve oral-health condition and instruments that are used in the said field has been properly designed, polished and sterilized. Dentists are trained to handle tooth problems, to do oral surgery, to basically take care of our teeth and gums. All these dental services can be acquired from a Carlsbad CA dentist. In this day and time, it is already considered as a profession, like in Carlsbad CA dentist.

With this being said, we wonder how our ancestor would deal with tooth decay, with tooth extraction and what not. The oral instruments used back then weren’t even considered as instruments,   they were called tools. Small bow, sharpen at the tip is used in drilling. Drilling back then is used for aesthetic purposes or to relieve pain. In history books, it was said that our prehistoric ancestor drilled somewhat near-perfect holes to lived persons. Imagine someone drilling our teeth using a sharpen bow, scary? Yes!

The idea of our tooth being pulled out without any anesthesia was just too unthinkable. That’s why a Carlsbad CA dentist always provide their clients an anesthesia before the procedure. Thus, if you’re seeking for a pain free tooth extraction, then go to a Carlsbad CA dentist.

Taking care of dental problems back in the ancient times was pretty barbaric. The earliest evidence of dentistry was in Pakistan.  Drill holes were evident on the teeth dated around the Neolithic era. This suggests that our prehistoric ancestors were practicing what we call now, Dentistry, which is being practiced by a Carlsbad CA dentist.

Tooth Decay was first coined in Asia. It was said that worms caused tooth decay; this was a strong belief in Egypt, Japan and China. On the Contrary, the oldest civilization known to have an inclination on dentistry was Egypt. I guess it is fair to say that the Egyptians were pretty much ahead of their time, they were visionaries who were curious on how the world would go. They had pyramids built, and they had this wild imagination of preserving youth and a colossal hunger for needed knowledge.

Imagine, the pharaoh being trouble with a toothache, wise men are probably summoned to alleviate pain or to take away pain for good. Thus, the first dentist was an Egyptian Scribe. Segue to that, what makes this interesting is that a scribe is a person who writes by hand, who keeps records of documents and make sure that everything is documented. Basically in modern terms, this person could be a secretary or a bookkeeper, whichever sounds better. So yeah, imagine the first Dentist was a Scribe, how can it be possible for someone, who spends most of his time documenting event, copying sacred text is the first dentist?  Maybe it was luck, pure knowledge or common sense.

Moving forward, the idea of pain caused by tooth extraction has given our ancient ancestors an idea to use this as a punishment. This was evident around the 18th century BC, in reference to the code of Hammurabi. But now is different because tooth extraction is already part of dental care just like in Carlsbad CA dentist.

Philosophers  Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about how our teeth would come about, the pattern it holds, curative measures for tooth decay was written, the use of instruments for tooth extraction , and how to stabilize fractured jaws and loose teeth. At this point, the ingenuity of our ancestors was proven. Although thinking about it now, there ways might be as barbaric as it is painful but knowing it was the ancient times, then this quite impressive.  A Roman medical writer, Celsus wrote about how to take care of our oral cavity, how to take care of loose teeth, means to cure toothache back in 100BC.

Nowadays, a Carlsbad CA dentist provides such dental care to their clients, root canal pain and dental root canal are part of their dental services too.

With all this literature, application of theories was made around 166-201 AD.  During this time, the Etruscans practiced dental prosthetics using gold crowns and fixed bridgework almost similar to what a Carlsbad CA dentist is doing.

After the prehistoric era, comes the middle Ages and the Renaissance. During this time, the most educated people were the monks, and it was said that Monks in Europe practiced surgery, medicine and dentistry. The interesting part was, Barbers served as an assistant to the monk in their surgical/medical pursuit. At some point, Monks were prohibited to perform any surgery or any dentistry; this was due to a series of Papal edicts. Later on, Barbers established a guild in France. They were divided into two groups: the first group of Barbers-Surgeons were educated and trained to perform surgical operation and the other group of Barbers-Surgeons focused more on tooth extraction, shaving and hygienic services.

Later on, a lay Barber or Barber-Surgeon was prohibited to do any surgical operations of any sort. Just like during this time where  a Carlsbad CA dentist can perform any oral surgical operations.

A year after this evolution and professional growth, the first book devoted entirely to dentistry was published in Germany. The book entitled The Little Medicinal Book for All Kinds of Diseases and Infirmities of the Teeth by Artzney Buchlein. This book was written for barbers in France who became Surgeons. This book covers everything from tooth drilling, oral hygiene, tooth extractions and placement of gold fillings. During this time, we can have these dental procedures from a Carlsbad CA dentist.

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Thirty-three years after, the very first accurate book on dental anatomy was published, this was called ‘Libellus de dentibus’  by Batholomew Eusttachius. Fifteen years after, the Father of  Surgery, Ambrose Pare published a book that includes practical information about dentistry.  Now, who could imagine being a Barber could be a key for someone to become a surgeon and a health advocate. Amazing how during those ancient times, professions were easily attained. Now back in Asia, specifically in China, it was said that the first mention of a certain type of amalgam, was evident on a medical Chinese text and was called “silver paste”.

Now, Dentistry and its dental background have come a long way similar to Carlsbad CA dentist. Our sense of ingenuity, resourcefulness and natural knowledge as a human has bought us too much advancement in terms of improving oral health, palliative and curative measures for oral health problems has evolved throughout the years. Seeking appropriate professionals that could help us in our oral health problems has never been this easy, like Carlsbad CA dentist who performs exceptionally well in root canal pain, dental root canal and more .

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