Dental Root Canals With Carlsbad Dental Care

by joshua on November 30, 2011


Carlsbad Root Canal Dental

A Carlsbad Dental Root Canal

Dental Root Canals With Carlsbad Dental Care

A dental root canal is a procedure which many people dread; famous for the pain it causes to each patient to experience. Patients even make jokes about others who have to go through a root canal. However, when someone asks for a root canal, they garner a confused response, due to the negative reputation of the root canal. At Carlsbad Dental, dentists ensure that patients experiencing a root canal will have the maximum amount of comfort and care possible, working to eliminate this negative stigma.

Although many are not aware of this, root canals have been around for many generations.  Many years ago, ancient civilizations used this method to save teeth that would have been lost otherwise.  These civilizations offered root canals to those such as queens, kings, and pharaohs.  The teeth from peasants were normally extracted then sold to aristocrats. The dentists at Carlsbad Dental make sure to educate themselves on the knowledge and history of each procedure to gain a further understanding of processes including root canals and dentures.

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Many years ago, doctors believed that worms were the reason for tooth decay.  They also believed that there were many ways to kill the worms, including rinsing the mouth in one’s own urine both day and night. Be assured, this procedure is no longer used today since it was proven to be non-effective in 1728. Better treatments are left in its place, and at Carlsbad Dental professionals Dr. Gary Braunstein, D.D.S. and Dr. Ali Shojania, D.D.S. constantly find better ways to perform root canals.

Root canals are a very common procedure these days, as they help to save the tooth by removing the dead or dying pulp. The pulp exists inside of the tooth, and can spread to abscess if it isn’t taken care of.  The tissue in the pulp is kept alive by the blood vessels that come from the tip of the root and travel along the root canal into the tooth. This process can explain the pain usually felt when a patient experiences a root canal.

Decay is the main reason for pulp in the tooth dying.  Once the decay has reached the pulp, it will keep eating away until the pulp has died.  Once it dies, the toxins from the decay will be released into the root tip and make its way into the jawbone. If this happens, the issue can turn from troublesome to fatal.  If not taken care of properly, the jawbone can become infected, which can lead to death in rare cases.

To fix this problem, the dentist will need to perform a root canal.  During the procedure, dentists in Carlsbad will numb the area then drill a hole into the tooth.  Using various tools and equipment, they will go down inside of the tooth and scrape away the nerves and dead pulp.  This is a very effective procedure, although very time consuming as well. In most cases, a root canal can take several hours, although it is the only way to stop the dying pulp and save the tooth. Professionals at Carlsbad Dental are sure to make the process as efficient and brisk as possible. Don’t let the bad reputation of root canals affect your decision to go through the procedure. With professionals at Carlsbad Dental, your health, comfort, and safety are taken care of.

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